Yom Kippur Day Workshops

Art as Midrash - Chochmat HaLev Art Committee

In Person only - Room G206

On Yom Kippur, during the exquisite hours of inner reflection before the closing of the gates, choosing what to bring forward to the new year and what to leave behind can be challenging. This Art as Midrash workshop invites you to quietly unravel and express some of your personal High Holiday prayers and reflections — through making a piece of art, writing prose or poetry, or simply by sitting in silent meditation. If you feel called to make something, a variety of art and craft supplies are available. If writing words in the form of poetry or prose calls to you, paper and pens are here. For those who wish to share their experience verbally, we will offer a forum during the workshop’s final 15 minutes.

Chochmat Art Committee members are Gail Steinberg, Tom Levy, Nadine Rosenthal, Joan Bobkoff, and Cheselyn Amato.

Writing Your Ethical Will Workshop - Shoshana Phoenixx

In-Person Only - Room G207

Have you written your ethical will yet? An ethical will allows us to put in writing some of the values and lessons we have learned (often the hard way) that we wish to pass on to future generations. This spiritual and practical  workshop will allow us to engage  and explore this ancient Jewish custom together. No previous experience or Hebrew is necessary.

Shoshana Phoenixx is an end of life chaplain and grief doula of nearly 40 years. She brings her wide breadth of knowledge to her role as Rosh of Chochmat HaLev’s Chevre Kaddisha (Holy Burial Society). This newly formed group is engaged in the study and practice of the steps and kavannah required to provide for the care and preparation for burial of our deceased community members. 

Meditation on Beginning Again - Amanda Nube

In-Person Only - Sanctuary

It is a beautiful thing to begin again, but how do we embark on this beginning from where we are? In this quiet guided meditation practice, we will use the symbol of one Hebrew letter to begin with. No prior knowledge of Hebrew letters or meditation required. 

Amanda Nube is a Spiritual Care Fellow, a collaboration between Chochmat Halev and Academy of Jewish Religion, LA.

The Final Rinse: Clearing our Energetic Home for the Year Ahead - Rachel Michaelsen

Zoom Only - Same link as services

As we move into the new year, we assess our mistakes, clear away the unfinished business of the past year(s), ask forgiveness of others and ourselves, and find our way back to our personal “home” (our body, mind, and spirit). Take this opportunity to tune in to unfinished business and clear it from your energy body. In this experiential group, you will calm your body and mind using gentle energy healing techniques and sound vibration, assess what is left to release, and, using easy-to-follow energy healing methods, let go of what remains. No experience necessary. Ear-buds or headphones are highly recommended.

Rachel Michaelsen, LCSW, Diplomat in Comprehensive Energy Psychology, has integrated energy work and sound healing with a variety of holistic and creative interventions. Rachel facilitated Letting Go and Returning with Energy & Sound at last years Yom Kippur afternoon for CHL. Rachel has been offering 2 free energy and sound healings zoom gathering a week since April of 2020 (click here for more info). She also facilitates energy and sound healing with individual and groups as part of her psychotherapy practice and does hands on sound healing sessions. Rachel is the Chair of the Humanitarian Committee of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology.