Elul: Time to Return and Renew

Elul, the month before Rosh Hashanah, is traditionally a time of introspection and taking stock of where we have missed the mark. Known in Hebrew as cheshbon hanefesh, an accounting of the soul, our tradition invites us to return from these reflections with an open heart so that we may begin the year as our best, most essential self – a more connected friend, a generous partner, a kinder neighbor, an engaged member of our sacred community. In this way, we can truly transform our world from the inside out.

We offer these special programs to support us on this journey of return and renewal:

Sunday, August 28   •   1 - 3 pm

As the Days of Awe approach, we open ourselves to the sacred qualities of s’lichot (Forgiveness) and rachamim (Compassion). In this experiential workshop, we will learn life-long skills of forgiveness and explore how and why learning to forgive helps us hurt less, experience less anger, feel less stress, and suffer less depression. more info & registration »

Sundays, August 28 & September 11  •  4:30 - 6:30 pm

Join us in harnessing the energies of the month of Elul to polish the light of the soul. Each month the moon cycle brings new energies that can calibrate us to living in sacred time.  Elul is the last month of the Hebrew year, a special time of heightened sensitivity to how we show up in relationship with ourselves, others, and the world.  more info & registration »

September, 8  •   7:00 – 8:15 pm

Travel in time with Maggidah Cyrise Beatty Schachter to learn how spiritual customs of our ancestral mothers can powerfully enrich our Elul journey. Elul is the month for deep soul reflection; for making t’shuvah, granting forgiveness, and creating a deep intimacy with the Divine.  more info & registration »

Wednesday, September 14   •   18 Elul 5782   •   7:30 – 8:30 pm

Elul, the Hebrew month preceding the High Holidays, is a time for soul-searching and repentance. In our interactive session, we will explore the dynamics of teshuvah (repentance) in Biblical and Medieval sources and in the experiences of our own lives.  more info & registration »

Sunday, September 18   •   10 – 11:30 am

Join with other families as we prepare for Rosh Hashanah,  “The Birthday of the World”. Through music, singing, dancing, meditation and art-making, we will explore ways of preparing for the new year. more info & registration »

Mondays   •   7 – 8:30 pm   •   August 29, September 5, 12, 19

Please join Chochmat HaLev’s Monday Night Meditation Group for a special Elul kick-off to the Days of Awe, and a year of Jewish Contemplative Practice. As the month of Elul invites us into an encounter with Teshuvah (Returning/Forgiveness), we will cycle through four levels of soul to foster reconnection and renewal in all the worlds we’re touching.  more info »

Wednesdays  •   8:15 – 9 am   •   August 30, September 7,14, 21, 28

The month of Elul provides the opportunity to prepare our hearts for the coming year in an intentional way.  The tradition is rich in teshuvah (return) teachings — teachings that challenge and guide us in returning to our best and truest selves.  more info »

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