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Your heart led you to ours; take the next step.

When you make Chochmat HaLev your spiritual home, you become immersed in the Jewish Renewal experience of cultivating an awareness of the sacred in both the commonplace and transformative moments of our lives. Grounded in the wisdom and tradition of our ancestors, we are constantly pushing their vision farther in expression and understanding that relate directly to the joys and challenges of our lives, in this place, at this time.

We will meet you where you are, and we will grow together.

Benefits of Membership Include:

  • Tickets to all High Holy Day services for all in your immediate family
  • Life-cycle event celebrations (baby naming, b’mitzvahs, shiva minyans)
  • Discounts to all classes and events
  • Support from Heart To Heart in times of need
  • Pastoral care & counseling

Your membership sustains us in very practical ways and we hope you will be “guided by your heart — אֲשֶׁ֣ר יִדְּבֶ֣נּוּ לִבּ֔וֹ” (Exodus 25:2) in sustaining our sacred community.

Membership Levels

Membership is our single most important revenue stream. Member dues directly support our spiritual leader, musicians, Shabbat and Holiday services, cutting edge programs, physical space, staff, and everything we do. Without our members, Chochmat would quite simply cease to exist.

The annual cost of keeping Chochmat HaLev running strong is about $3500 per member family. But we realize not everyone can afford to pay that amount.

We hope that if you feel a part of this community, you will go deeper by financially supporting us at the level that is right for you.

Builders help Chochmat lead and innovate.

Builders help Chochmat establish leadership in the Jewish Renewal community through innovative spiritual offerings that set a national standard. If you have disposable income and can contribute more than most, this is the right level for you.

Builders participate in an annual visioning exercise with our Spiritual Leader and Board of Directors.

1 Adult: $3,200/year (about $267/month)
2+ Adults: $4,600/year (about $383/month)

Sustainers are the bedrock of our community.

Sustainers understand that a predictable revenue stream from member dues funds our spiritual leadership and the foundational staff members who create our extensive offerings. If you are able to support Chochmat at the sustaining level, you take pride in knowing that you make this whole magical community happen. You support Shabbat services, high profile speakers, and members only programming. You show up for Chochmat!

1 Adult: $1,800/year (about $150/month)
2+ Adults: $2,500/year (about $208/month)

Supporters understand that together we thrive.

If money is tight or if you are just starting a family or career, this may be the membership level for you. We count on our supporters to join with others to help our community sparkle. And we know that in the future, if you can offer more, you’ll return
the gift for others.

1 Adult: $1,200/year (about $100/month)
2+ Adults: $1,700/year (about $142/month)

Not in your budget?

We want to support your financial capacity. Email us to discuss a number that’s right for you:

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