Friday Evenings

1st Fridays
Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Service — 7:30 pm

3rd Fridays
Celebratory Musical Kabbalat Shabbat — 7:30 pm

4th Fridays
Tot Shabbat – 6pm
Contemplative Shabbat — 7:30 pm

5th Fridays
5th Wheel Minyan (lay led) — 7:30 pm

Saturday Mornings

2nd Saturdays
Shabbat Morning Service — 10:30 am
Tot Shabbat (ages 0-5) –  10:30 am
Metivta Shabbat (ages 5-12) –  10:30 am

3rd Saturdays
Contemplative morning service — 10:30 am

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Maggid's Musings

Sep 2019
It’s Time To Bring Our Hearts Back Home

Shalom Chaverim, We are a mere 2 weeks away from the end of this Jewish year.  In a fortnight, it is likely that many of us will be gathered in community to ring in 5780, with hopes and dreams for a solid and content future. But to envision a better future, we also have to reckon with those parts of our lives and our world that are still broken or out of alignment. And so we gather to do the work of personal and communal redemption. The rituals, prayers, and collective exploration of our individual failings and accomplishments represent a path traveled by Jewish people for close to two thousand years. When someone decides to face those challenges in community—whether they are Jewish, from another spiritual tradition or of no religion, full of faith, nostalgia, curiosity, or doubt—they are, de facto, offering themself as a link in the chain of Jewish continuity, and a contributor to this tradition’s spiritual legacy. All are welcome to take part at Chochmat HaLev. Year after year, generation after generation, this ritual has stood the test of time, evolving and transforming as needed to be meaningful to those who take upon themselves the work......

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