Sacred Coworking

Are you looking for community and connection during your work day, not just on nights and weekends? Do you want to bring more meaning and purpose into your work?

Join us for OpenLev, a sacred coworking experience at Chochmat HaLev where you are invited to bring intentionality and mindfulness into how you work while connecting with open-hearted seekers. 


  • A quiet and well-appointed space conducive to getting working done
  • Guided opening and closing meditations to ground your work day
  • Check-ins and intention-setting for help with meeting your goals  
  • Potluck lunch and discussion groups about work and meaning
  • Options for mindfulness breaks such as stretching, breathwork, meditation, and neighborhood walks 
  • Support with work challenges and spiritual needs that arise during the workday


  • Community center in a beautiful quiet neighborhood in South Berkeley 
  • Large airy light-filled room with tables and chairs for co-working, as well as smaller room for quiet work – all with strong wifi and power outlets
  • Grassy open courtyard for working, relaxing, and hanging out  
  • Social area with sofas and chairs
  • Noise-insulated booth for private phone calls or video meetings
  • Open kitchen, as well as coffee and tea available all day
  • Sanctuary space for meditation and quiet contemplation
  • Charming neighborhood for stroll breaks or walking meetings and calls


  • Anyone who has flexibility on where they work and is looking to get out of the house during the day
  • Anyone who wants to be around others during the workday, as well as make new friends, while still being able to get work done
  • Anyone who wants a deeper integration between their spiritual selves and professional selves 
  • Anyone who could benefit from more intentionality and accountability in their day
  • Anyone Jewish, Jewish adjacent, or just curious about and open to sacred co-working
  • Retired, semi-retired, funemployed, in-between gigs folks looking for a place to be in community while doing something focused


  • This is not an unstructured social hang – this is primarily for people who want to get work done during the day.
  • This is not your average co-working space – while you will have ample time and space to get your work done, you’ll also be invited to participate in community activities and offerings.  


    • Join us for one or more of our three sacred co-working opportunities: Tuesday November 7th, 2023, Wednesday November 15, 2023, and Thursday December 7th, 2023.
    • We ask for a fee of $18 to cover amenities and support throughout the day.
    • Bring your own food and/or beverage as needed – we will provide tea and coffee. Bring a potluck dish to share for lunch, and any snacks for our communal snack table.
    • Please be prepared to stay for at least 2 of the 3 main activities (check-in 9:00AM, lunch 12:30PM, and check-out 4:00PM)
    • Fill out a brief survey before and after the co-working to help us optimize the experience. 
    • There will be limited spaces for phone calls and video conferences so please plan to keep meetings to a minimum on these days to maintain the collective experience throughout the day.

If you’re up for being part of this sacred co-working community, sign up here! (Please note each day has its own unique link to sign up.)

#1 November 7th 2023

#2 November 15th 2023

#3 December 7th 2023

Hear about the OpenLev Sacred Co-Working experience from participants:

“Having the balance of work and moments to socialize made me more focused in my work and more appreciative for moments of connecting to others in the in between.”

“I really appreciate the Jewish wisdom that was woven into the day.”

“Having structure to the day, intention setting, peaceful setting, group lunch, space to breathe — all were so helpful”

“I loved the invitation to set an intention about ‘how’ to approach the workday, not only what. It brought in the mindfulness piece that can often be missing in work settings.”

“I had an opportunity to connect with almost everyone for at least a few minutes and it was so enlivening and enlightening. It’s amazing how much I learned about this community in one day. The difference between how I felt at the beginning and how I felt at the end is remarkable.”


Ben Poretzky is a community organizer and strategist passionate about bringing impact-driven projects to life. Formerly a technology product manager and strategist at Intuit, Meta, and multiple startups in the Bay Area, Ben currently works for the Sacred Design Lab managing their Accelerating Global Spiritual Innovation project. He is a co-founder of Kinhood, a men’s wellness organization committed to growing men’s capacity to receive and reciprocate care through events and community. He formerly served as the Project Manager of SynagogueX: Reimagining Jewish Spaces of the Future. He is a member of the SF Jewish Federation Jews of Color Giving Circle. 

Zvika Krieger is the Spiritual Leader of Chochmat HaLev. He has served in board and leadership positions for Sukkat Shalom/Milk+Honey camp at Burning Man, Jewish Studio Project, Temple of the Stranger, Wilderness Torah, and other organizations dedicated to nourishing the mind, body, and soul. He previously served as Facebook/Meta’s first-ever Director of Responsible Innovation, created and led the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and served as the US Department of State’s first-ever “Ambassador to Silicon Valley.” He is a certified Shadow Work facilitator and Design Thinking facilitator, certified as “God” with “Talk to God”, and trained as an ecstatic dance DJ by Embodied Sound.  

Benjamin Richman is an emerging leader and entrepreneur in the Jewish community. As Managing Director of Digital Currency at Silvergate Bank, he led the Business Development Department, overseeing 30 employees, $16b in customer deposits, and +1,400 client relationships. Prior to Silvergate, Benjamin served as Director of Business Development & Partnerships at Blockstream, a global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. In addition, Benjamin spent six years as a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, and is an MBA graduate from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. He is also a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher in the Tantric Hatha lineage.

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