High Holy Day Giving 2022

Spiritual Renewal – that is our Beating Heart

Whatever this past year has been about for you, Chochmat HaLev has held you in love.

We remain a community of seekers, unafraid to go deep into our tradition and ourselves to receive and share the wisdom of the heart.

You are choosing to be with us because you know that energy, resilience, and joy will be in abundance at our High Holy Day Services and all this New Year has to offer.

Be a part of that abundance! Help craft the future of Chochmat HaLev!

YES! I want to show my love for this special community by giving a CHAI 5 ($90 donation) one-time or for each High Holy Day service! This will help cover some of the costs of the videographer, sound engineer, and other technical staff.

LET ME TAKE YOU CHAI-ER! I want to go deeper with my support and help sponsor/dedicate these one of the High Holy Days services with a transformative contribution of $1,800 or higher!

Donations can be made via check payable to Chochmat Halev and sent to 2215 Prince Street, Berkeley 94705 or via one of these options:

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