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Support by and for Chochmat Members

“You are aware of my ailments and noticed the troubles of my soul”     (Psalm 31)


Open to Shalom

The shalom (wholeness) of community can infuse us with a sense of well-being, even in times of great personal struggle or simple need. This is a precious benefit of your Chochmat HaLev membership!

At Chochmat HaLev, we believe that none of our members should be isolated by life’s challenges.

  •   The Heart 2 Heart Committee provides assistance to members who are ill or grieving, or simply need a helping hand or a kind voice.
  •   We know it can be difficult to ask for what we need. Heart 2 Heart is here to help you.
  •   The Heart 2 Heart Committee is eager to respond to your requests with respect and chesed (loving-kindness).
  •   The Heart 2 Heart Committee connects those in need with volunteers who are eager and able to help.

If you are a Chochmat member that could use some support, like a friendly phone call and listening ear, please email our Heart 2 Heart care coordinator Shelley Coleman at heart@chochmat.org.  You can also call her directly at 510-390-6609 to arrange some support.   

Not a member? Join here.

Join us for our new Chesed Care Monthly Series sponsored by Heart 2 Heart. A special workshop following each Saturday morning Contemplative Shabbat featuring a special topic.

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