The Month of Elul

High Holy Days 5781

Preparing for What’s to Come

August 21 – September 18, 2020

Yes, these are strange days. High and Holy like nothing we have experienced before.  Our hearts yearn to be broken open, to release old habits of thought and feeling, and be filled with purpose, integrity and dare we say it, hope.

The month of Elul is the key to unlocking the inner and most potent meaning of the heart. It is the last month of the Hebrew calendar and the month before the High Holidays. It is a period of time that connects the past year with the coming year—a time when we reflect on where we stand and where we are going. In Aramaic, the word “Elul” (אֱלוּל) means “search.”  What are we searching for? How do we begin this search of our hearts?

It begins with Shabbat. This is a special Shabbat, on the first night of Elul (rosh chodesh), live streamed from the Chochmat courtyard, with musicians playing music together. (Remember when that was a thing?). Then begins the Festival of Learning, offering you ways to dive deep and connect with yourself.

Live from Our Courtyard!
Shabbat at Chochmat with Jhos, Julie, and Lior
Friday, August 21  

And special guests Shira Kammen and Michaela Goerlitz

Elul at Chochmat HaLev

The following events, plus our regularly scheduled Monday Night Meditation and Wednesday morning Meditation of Presence, are designed to take you on a journey of introspection and contemplation.

Price per session
$9 members, $18 nonmembers, or “pay what you can” because we really want you to come. Click on the class links below to purchase individual tickets.

Festival Pass – all Elul events for $36 members or $72 nonmembers. Sale ends on August 25

Elul Events

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