Makom: Creating Sacred Space

The word makom in Hebrew has the double meaning of “a place” and “The Place” where the Holy One dwells. We invite you to create a Makom, a sacred place that can serve as your personal sanctuary for High Holy Day services. This personally created physical makom will help you to deepen into your spiritual Makom of prayer, music, meditation, and movement.

Some suggestions:

  • Have a candle to light
  • Dress in white in the Chochmat HaLev tradition
  • Wear your tallit (for morning services and Kol Nidre)
  • Have a piece of paper and a marker (Rosh Hashanah morning)
  • Decorate your space with flowers or other meaningful objects
  • Bring a picture of those for whom you will say Kaddish (Yizkor)
  • Bring your shofar to blow (Rosh Hashanah morning and Yom Kippur Neila)

How beautiful are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel! 

These words of blessing resonate especially today as we shelter in place during our most sacred season.  This year our homes will be our personal sanctuaries as we come together in virtual space for High Holy Day services.

In whatever way you come to join our community, may you be blessed with a good and sweet year.  Shana Tova U’metuka.

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