Self-Compassion and Forgiveness (Elul)

A Loving Approach to Atonement
with Carole Pertofsky
Tuesday, August 25 @7pm
on Zoom

  • $9 – Chochmat Members
  • $18 – General Public
  • Pay what you can (because we really want you to join us and price should not be an obstacle)
  • Festival Pass – all Elul events $36 members or $72 nonmembers

As the Days of Awe approach, we reflect upon the sacred qualities of Rachamim (compassion) and S’lach (forgiveness). Together, we will deeply explore compassion and begin to free ourselves from the adverse impact of the harsh inner critic. The way of self-compassion is to extend the same kindness to ourselves as we so often offer to others. Please join and learn about some practical methods to awaken a warm, connected presence as we take inventory of our misdeeds.

The practice of self-compassion is strongly associated with many benefits, such as emotional resilience, reduced anxiety and depression, and a deeper connection to joy and purpose. In contrast, we know that harsh self-criticism may adversely impact our health and well-being, and leads to excessive worry, perfectionism, and frustration.

Come learn essential tools you can use to develop greater kindness and self-forgiveness, especially when facing life’s inevitable challenges and feelings of failure or inadequacy. Discover the blessings of deep loving connection to self and others and the joy of our common humanity.

All are welcome!

About Carole Pertofsky
Carole teaches at Stanford School of Medicine on topics such as Resilience: Gratitude, Grace and Gumption; Exploring Happiness and Health; Mindful Self-Compassion; and the Enneagram. She is a speaker and retreat facilitator for diverse corporations and non-profit organizations. Her practice includes 15 years of “life transition” and leadership coaching. Chochmat HaLev is Carole’s Jewish home, where she has been a grateful member for three years.

Elul Festival of Learning
The month of Elul (Aug 21 – Sept 18, 2020) is the last month of the Hebrew calendar and the month before the High Holidays. It is a period of time that connects the past year with the coming year—a time when we reflect on where we stand and where we are going


Aug 25 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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