Special Exhibitions

The Sacred in All Shines Everywhere

The allegorical works of Hyla Shifra Bolsta

On view in The Gallery at Chochmat HaLev through January 31

Art Opening Friday, December 6, 9:30pm (after our Kabbalat Shabbat service)
Oneg provided by the Heart 2 Heart committee


Aharon Wheels Bolsta, the son of the artist and Chochmat musician, will be at the opening to talk about his mother’s work.

This retrospective of the allegorical works of Hyla Shifra Bolsta features images from her book, The Illuminated Kaddish. After the death of her friend Laura, Hyla began a series of twenty-one paintings as a visual exploration of the Kaddish, the ancient Jewish prayer recited for the dead. Over a period of six years, she studied the prayer, composed illuminated calligraphy, pulled images from her earlier works, collected passages from sages and rabbis on prayer and death, and created the one hundred-and-twelve page book.

Hyla Shifra Bolsta (1946-2013) was an accomplished artist with work shown throughout the USA, Europe, and Israel. With a B.A in Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute, she applied her artistic talents to fine arts, murals, ceramics, illustration, and design. Her long-dormant interest and love for Jewish spirituality was rekindled at Chochmat Halev in the early 2000’s when her son Aharon began playing music at services.