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Joanna Macy

Joanna Macy, PhD, author & teacher, is a scholar of Buddhism, systems thinking and deep ecology. A respected voice in movements for peace, justice, and ecology, she interweaves her scholarship with learnings from six decades of activism. Her wide-ranging work addresses psychological and spiritual issues of the nuclear age, the cultivation of ecological awareness, and the fruitful resonance between Buddhist thought and postmodern science. This work helps people transform despair and apathy into constructive, collaborative action.  More about Joanna »

Naomi Newman

Naomi Newman is a co-founder of San Francisco’s A Traveling Jewish Theatre, where she worked as playwright, director and actress for 34 years, winning awards in each field. Before that she sang on the concert-stage, acted in television and had a psychotherapy practice. In the late seventies and early eighties she was on the senior staff at The Center for the Healing Arts in Los Angeles, a pioneer in exploring the psychological and spiritual aspects of healing. More about Naomi »

Laura Goldman

Laura Goldman is a Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director, and teacher of meditation and Mussar (Jewish spiritual practice of cultivating positive character traits). She has recently relocated to the Mendocino Coast, where she has discovered the profound healing power of the river – the silence, solitude, and spaciousness of which allow room for all things. 

Lior Tsarfaty

Lior Tsarfaty is an internationally touring musician and recording artist.  He uniquely weaves music and various healing modalities to create transformative experiences for his audience and clients.  He does music “peace work” with Muslims and Jews and offers mindfulness and chanting workshops in the Bay area, Israel and China.  Lior is the founder of Village Song, a school and a movement that brings the power of music to Alzheimer communities. His groundbreaking work is featured in the film There Is A Place (watch here). Hear Lior’s music at LiorTsarfaty.com »

Jeffrey Kessler

Jeffrey Kessler has been a spiritual seeker all his life. His exploration of various spiritual traditions and psycho-physical systems has always been with an eye to ‘what is the common’ to all.  Jeffrey is a longtime practitioner and teacher of meditation, Tai-Chi, Chi Gung, and Mussar. He understands that the process of teaching effectively requires intentional exploration of what is still unknown in the landscape of the self.  His gentle presence and leadership are a foundational bedrock at Chochmat where he currently serves as President of the Board of Directors.

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