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Monday Night Meditation during the Omer 2021

Mondays – 7 – 8:30pm by donation On Zoom The last year has been filled with numbers and counting. Every day the newspapers are filled with charts, percentages, rates of transmission, and the haunting specter of the mounting Covid-19 death toll. But what if, instead of counting our losses, we were counting each day as a spiritual gain? Right now, in the Jewish calendar we are in the midst of the Omer Period—an ancient rite of counting each day of the seven weeks between the onset of Pesach and the arrival of Shavuot.......

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An Introduction to Nonviolent Communication During the Counting of the Omer with Kathy Simon, Ph.D. Tuesdays  |  7 – 8:15pmApril 6, 13, 20, 27 Tickets for the 4-class series$80 – Chochmat Members$120 – General PublicOr Pay What You CanThis is a fundraiser for Chochmat HaLev! Tickets In our tradition, so many of the things about which we seek t’shuvah, return, have to do with the ways we speak to each other.  We speak harshly, or we neglect to speak up when truth or justice demand that we do so. We dismiss what we......

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