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Great Songs of the Yiddish Theater

And Khanike Songs!with Cindy PaleySunday, November 21 @ 11amIn collaboration with KlezCaliforniaBy donation – RSVP to get the Zoom link The American Yiddish musical theater was a powerful force in the turn-of-the-century immigrant experience. The theater brought to life the immigrant’s dreams, their difficulties in the new world, and the nostalgia for their old country. We’ll sing songs by Molly Picon. Aaron Lebedeff, and the great composers: Alexander Olshanetsky, Abraham Ellstein, Joseph Rumsinsky, Sholom Secunda and others. We’ll close with Khanike songs. Lomir Zingen!  About Cindy Paley» Cindy Paley has delighted Jewish communities with her timeless......

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