SHINE Brightly into the Future!

Our SHINE campaign begins right after Thanksgiving, on Giving Tuesday (November 30) and continues through December 31.  Our Hanukah celebration of Jhos and Julie »  is also part of SHINE.

We are taking donations now here to light up our CHOCHMAT sign. For each $180 donated, we turn on one bulb until CHOCHMAT shines as a golden path forward.

So give us a CHAI 5 ($90) to joyfully acknowledge your appreciation of all that Jhos and Julie have brought to our community. Add another CHAI 5 ($90) to carry Chochmat toward a secure and bright future.  Of course, no donation is too big or too small, so please give what you wish!

Proverbs teach us that “A mitzvah is a candle, and the Torah is light” (Proverbs 6:23) When each of us commits to doing a mitzvah, we bring the light of the Divine into our world and illuminate the path of Torah.  Help us light up CHOCHMAT so that we will SHINE for many years to come!

We reached our fundraising goal and raised $15,000 to support our Shabbat services and Youth Program. Thank you to all who contributed.

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