Friday Evenings

1st Friday
Tot Shabbat — 6:00 pm
Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Service — 7:30 pm

3rd Friday
Tot Shabbat — 6:00 pm
Celebratory Musical Kabbalat Shabbat — 7:30 pm

4th Friday
Contemplative Shabbat — 7:30 pm

5th Friday
5th Wheel Minyan (lay led) — 7:30 pm

Saturday Mornings

2nd Shabbat
Shabbat Morning Service — 10:30 am
Shabbat Youth Program —  10:30 am

3rd Shabbat
Contemplative morning service — 10:30 am

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Maggid's Musings

May 2019
Life After Death

Shalom Chaverim, This week’s parasha, Acharei Mot (Leviticus 16:1 – 18:30), begins with the following crushing and enigmatic words: “And The Mysterious One spoke to Moses after the death of the two sons of Aaron, when they came close to the face of The Mysterious One, and they died.” (Leviticus 16:1) This week has been rife with mystery, terror, loss and grief. On a local and personal level, our community lost one of our beloved teachers, Rabbi Steven Fisdel, z”l, who died last week. Rabbi Fisdel was a core faculty member of Chochmat Halev’s two cohorts of Jewish Meditation Teachers’ Training programs from 1999-2004. He touched many of our lives with his out of the box, mind-blowing meditation adventures, his command of Kabbalistic philosophy, his scholarship, and most of all, his passionate, infectious love for Jewish spirituality.  For many, Reb Steve was a trusted spiritual advisor and guide. And for me, he became a colleague and a pal. He was funny and quirky, brilliant and sincere—a delightful combination of having his feet planted firmly on the ground while his head and heart played in the heavens. A wonderful musician, a wit, a wise man, and a mentsch, he will......

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