Friday Evenings

1st Fridays
Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Service — 7:30 pm

3rd Fridays
Tot Shabbat – 6pm
Celebratory Musical Kabbalat Shabbat — 7:30 pm

4th Fridays
Contemplative Shabbat — 7:30 pm

5th Fridays
5th Wheel Minyan (lay led) — 7:30 pm

Saturday Mornings

2nd Saturdays
Shabbat Morning Service — 10:30 am
Tot Shabbat (ages 0-5) –  10:30 am
Metivta Shabbat (ages 5-12) –  10:30 am

3rd Saturdays
Contemplative morning service — 10:30 am

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Maggid's Musings

May 2019
The Kids Are Alright

Parshat Emor (Leviticus 21:1 – 24:23) Shalom Chaverim— About a decade ago I was coaching kids in the Coastside Jewish Community’s b’mitzvah program on drash writing. To be perfectly honest, I’m a terrible coach. I can write a compelling drash, but I have no idea what I’m doing technically. I don’t write or think according to any system or paradigm. I don’t follow writing rules. I just write and rewrite and rewrite…until I’m happy with it, or the deadline has come and I just have to send it in anyway. While it works for me, it’s not a great method for passing along these skills to kids! So, when it came time to work with a particular young person, I had some trepidation. But, after some loving prodding by Julie, I finally made an appointment to read the kid’s drash and offer what paltry help I might. I read through the Torah portion, Emor, in preparation—and then the dread set in. Parshat Emor is long and loaded with rules that pertain to the priests who can and cannot serve in the Temple. It prohibits the (male) priests from getting anywhere near death except for their parents, children, brothers, or......

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