Friday Evenings

1st Fridays
Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Service — 7:30 pm

3rd Fridays
Celebratory Musical Kabbalat Shabbat — 7:30 pm

4th Fridays
Tot Shabbat – 6pm
Contemplative Shabbat — 7:30 pm

5th Fridays
5th Wheel Minyan (lay led) — 7:30 pm

Saturday Mornings

2nd Saturdays
Shabbat Morning Service — 10:30 am
Tot Shabbat (ages 0-5) –  10:30 am
Metivta Shabbat (ages 5-12) –  10:30 am

3rd Saturdays
Contemplative morning service — 10:30 am

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Maggid's Musings

May 2019
Spiritual and Religious?

Shalom Chaverim— This week’s Torah portion, Bechokotai (Leviticus 26:3-27:34) closes the book of Leviticus, thus ending the long stretch of instructions to and about indigenous Judaism’s most elite class, the kohanim or priests. The priesthood was responsible for upholding and maintaining all of the religious and ceremonial activity of the entire community. They were the undeniable leaders of the ancient Jewish people. Anyone who has been around me for long knows that I bristle at the idea of spiritual leadership. That is to say, that in our modern world, spirituality has evolved to be something quite personal, no longer tethered to grand rite or ritual, and certainly not something that needs leadership. People constantly tell me that they are “spiritual, not religious” and honestly, I don’t really know what this means. In this week’s Torah portion, there was no separation—rituals were designed and expertly executed by a highly trained class of the community whose sole purpose was to create an experience that brought the people closer to God. The ceremony was spiritual, and spirituality was ceremonial. After chapters and chapters of detailed information about the duties of the priesthood—their vestments, the proper vessels and implements, the correct patterns and......

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