Deepen Your Connection   |   The Omer Campaign

Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lie our growth and freedom.  – Victor Frankl

Biblically, we have entered an in-between space – the space between the stimulus of liberation from slavery in Egypt and the response of the Revelation at Sinai. The Omer – the 49 days from Pesach to Shavuot – is the counting of the days in that space.

We responded to this new reality with creative zest…

Our lives have been altered by sheltering in place. At Chochmat HaLev we responded to this new reality with creative zest, providing a variety of online, participatory events – everything from Shabbat services, chant classes, Torah study, and meditations, to Jewish dance and a virtual Passover Seder. We are grateful to see more and more new faces showing up and finding support and meaning in what do.

Our staff has been hard at work making this happen. Jhos, Julie, and Lior are offering an amazing weekly service to welcome in Shabbat. Rabbi Lynn has been creating engaging activites for our Youth and Family program. Our Executive Director, Dorrit, is applying for grants and keeping the business side of things flowing. And our intrepid facility manager Tjarn has been caring for our beloved synagogue – making needed repairs and monitoring the building’s security.

We are re-imagining our future and we need your financial support.

This in-between space is a unique opportunity for Chochmat to expand its reach through the rich diversity of our virtual offerings. To make this happen, we need to strengthen our technological infrastructure and revamp the website to encourage and accommodate the increased interest. While we don’t know when we will be able to gather again in our beautiful sanctuary, we can use this time to do some much-needed work while the building is empty, such as replacing outdated electrical wiring and some stained and damaged carpets and flooring. See our list of upgrades for 2020

This is a time for us to breathe new life into our spiritual home.

During these days of counting the Omer, we have a unique opportunity to grow our community by attending to our physical foundation even as we deepen and expand our sacred community through well-crafted online offerings. We have been given the gift of a space in time to re-imagine our future. This is a time for us to breathe new life into our spiritual home. A time for all of us to show up. A time to express our gratitude with generous gifts of financial support.