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Chochmat HaLev is a loving community of spiritually courageous seekers, a place of connection, a home for all people. We are an inclusive, multigenerational, and family-oriented synagogue offering joyful ceremony, music that lifts our spirits and touches our souls, passionate learning, and contemplative practice. We seek justice and healing for ourselves, our communities, and the world.  We are a home for your Jewish heart.

Chochmat HaLev means Wisdom of the Heart.

The name comes directly from Torah, Tetzaveh (Exodus 27:20–Exodus 30:11.)   We are in the desert building the mishkan, the portable sanctuary.  Once it is built, there is a commandment to keep an eternal flame at this center of our community, and then we can make the special vestments to be worn by the priests.  Moses is told to speak to speak to “all that are wise-hearted, for they will be able to make such clothing for honor and for beauty.”

Our Logo


The Chochmat HaLev logo is an ancient representation of the ten sefirot. Sefirot, a Hebrew word meaning emanations, are the attributes in Kabbalah through which Ein Sof (God) reveals Itself. The first Sefirot, Keter, is the center of the circle.

The wedge of emptiness that cuts through the circles is carved by a ray of Divine light, leaving room for us. In that space, we enjoy the freedom to open and attune ourselves to higher influences.

Our logo can be thought of as a Jewish mandala for simultaneously expanding and focusing awareness.

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