A Message from Susan Felix
susan felix

Dearest friends,

Recently, I was diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal disease called light chain amyloidosis. And now a new journey begins.

Gratefully, my doctor is one of few leading experts in this illness in California and he has taken great interest in my case and will do everything he can to extend my life so that I can enjoy all the things that have given me so much joy in my 83 years.

Most people who contract this disease die before 80. I have lived an unusually long time and am so grateful for every day I have enjoyed beyond what is normally expected.

There is a chance with treatment that I could go into remission. I plan to try the treatment beginning April 12th. If the treatment greatly reduces my quality of life, I may not continue with it and make the choice to simply surrender to what is an inevitable part of being human.

Morton’s death taught me, along with Lisa’s work into final words*, that death appears to be an invitation to something new and perhaps even more blessed than the world we know here. I have the strong sense Morton and others are waiting for me there in that place beyond the veil.

Whether or not this is true, I embark on this journey as I have all the others throughout my life: with an open heart, faith, and with deep love for my friends, family, and community.

Morton’s passing taught me the beauty of a dignified and conscious death, and this is what I want to share with all of you and hopefully to be an example of what it is to live and love fully, even—if not especially- as our mortality confronts us.

Over a year ago, I had a serious car accident, which by all accounts should have killed me, but for whatever reason, I came through that. Morton appeared to me as I was healing. He told me then that it was not quite my time. Clearly, I had work left to do. Perhaps, still, I have time left.

Therefore, I would love to invite any of you who feel we are incomplete—that there is something that needs to be said, or forgiven, to contact me though my daughter Lisa. We can share a phone call to make sure that I leave no unhealed traces behind.

I have two requests of those of you who have brought so much to my life.

  1. Please honor this time in my life with dance, song and reverence for the great mystery.

    I have had a most fulfilling and wonderful 83 years and when I leave this Earth, I will leave with a full heart and spirit. So all of you should find joy in all my life and what it has been.
  2. My daughter Lisa Felix-Smartt will be coordinating all communications surrounding this new adventure. You can contact her at smarttheart@gmail.com and in the days ahead, we will be sharing a website where updates will be posted.

It’s better for my health that you do not contact me directly.

In the meantime, I send you my many prayers of gratitude for all you have brought to me. And please send your prayers my way that I can find comfort and peace in the days and nights ahead, and know the loving presence of the ancestors and the angels. If you feel there is somebody you should share this with, please forward it to them.

Again, thank you very much for communicating directly with Lisa. I deeply appreciate it.

Sending so much love.

Be Amused and Stay Amazed,

Susan Duhan Felix

* Lisa Felix-Smartt, Words at the Threshold: What We Say as We’re Nearing Death

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