Tsofeem – Preparing the Way (3rd – 7th)

3rd-4th, Thursdays 4 – 4:45pm
5th – 7th, Thursdays 4 – 5pm
Part of the Youth & Family Program

Blow the Shofar! Shout Out to The New Year!
Join us for the inauguration of our weekly zoom program for 3rd – 7th grade.

This month Tsofeem and Mentors will learn how to blow and make a shofar, learn Hebrew blessing for blowing the shofar and grapple with the protocols and meaning of shofar blowing.  Why do we blow a shofar? What does it mean ‘to be awake’ in Jewish tradition?

Additional learning for 4th & 5th Grades: Reparations and Teshuvah in Jewish life
Explore peacemaking and apology methods used in Jewish tradition. What works? What happens when things fall apart? Key Hebrew words: Teshuvah, Tzedek, Tikkun Olum, Shomeret Shalom

Please bring special Lev Learning Notebook, a calligraphy marker, pencil, colorful markers.

About Tsofeem: During the 10-month Tsofeem program, kids will explore the Top Ten Mitzvot for These Times, Hebrew language learning, art, prayer, Torah, rabbinic text with questions, and hevruta (study buddy) activities to encourage each student to find rich and relevant meanings within our tradition. With Rabbi Lynn and special guests. Supplemental learning and activity packets provide for at-home learning and celebrations.




Sep 17 2020


4:00 pm - 4:45 pm
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