Tashlich – Let the Waters Heal Our Hearts

Monday September 30, 4 pm – 6:30 PM
Cordonices Park – 1201 Euclid Ave
between Eunice St and Bayview Place, Picnic Area #1


Meet under the oaks and cast away fear and other spiritual crumbs we would like to release from our hearts and minds.  (We use gravel instead of bread to spare the eco-system)


Magid Jhos Singer and Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb will lead us in a participatory ceremony of release and regeneration with stories, prayers and guided meditation.


The ritual is followed by play time and pot luck food sharing. There are picnic tables and grills, hiking trails, a playground area for small kids, a field for frisbee, basketball courts and a fabulous giant slide. Bring food and playthings. We’ll supply the ritual.


Energetic Profile: Relaxed, introspective, playful, social


Our goal is to offer services — Shabbat, holiday, and holy day — that are welcoming, participatory, and inclusive. Our prayer book is filled with words of inspiration from traditional Hebrew prayers to contemporary English poetry; everything in Hebrew is also presented in transliteration, and translation.


Chochmat HaLev strives to open, engage, and excite the hearts, minds, bodies and spirits of all who step though our doors. Each of our HHD services has a slightly different feel…we design the services to be both “stand alone” experiences and part of a larger arc of the journey from opening the gates on Rosh HaShana to closing them on Yom Kippur. All of our services utilize a different mix of prayer technologies including traditional liturgy, chant, meditation, conversation, and movement.


Sep 30 2019


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Cordonices Park
1201 Euclid Ave (Between Eunice Street and Bayview Place Picnic Area #1)