Snuggle with Torah (K-2nd)

4 – 4:30pm
Kids of all ages gather together with the youth mentors for opening prayers and then the Kindergarten – 2nd graders will join Ava to curl up and listen to Torah stories. Your child is invited to create drawings that expresses what they learn from the story. Bring paper, markers, colored paper strips, stickers, glue, and leaves for each session. Children will reflect on the meaning of the story as they experience it. Key Hebrew value words for these stories:  Shabbat, Aytz (tree), Shomeret Adamah (Caring for the Earth), Gan Eden (Garden of Eden), and Shomer(et) Shalom (peace stewardship)
Examples of Stories
The Creation of Shabbat
Eve Eats From the Tree of Knowledge
Leaving Home
Siblings First Fight: A Revised Story of Cain and Abel


May 13 2021


4:00 pm
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