Let’s Talk Prophets

Join a vibrant discussion as we begin the second book of Samuel and explore the challenges facing David as King of Israel. 
Samuel II 1:5

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“Never again did there arise in Israel a prophet like Moses.” Our Torah Scroll ends with the death of Moses and the People of Israel poised to enter the Promised Land.  What a classic cliffhanger!

But the story of the Jewish people continues and the book of Nevi’im, or Prophets: For those of you who love a good story, maybe even hero and anti-hero themes, you are in luck as we begin the Book of Samuel.  The prophetic narrative becomes more familiar and begins to weave alongside the strand of the Israelites longing for and problems with a mortal king.  It is truly amazing that the Divine One has put up with all this!

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Never again did there arise in Israel a prophet like Moses….

Deut. 34:1″


Apr 13 2023


7:00 pm