What’s Jewish About Psychedelics, and What’s Psychedelic About Judaism?

An exploration through teachings, meditation and dialogue.

The Psychedelic Renaissance is underway, with American Jews playing a significant role in the reemergence of psychedelics for recreational, therapeutic, and spiritual uses. What might be the communal, ritual and theological ramifications of entheogen use in Jewish contexts? How might Jewish consciousness inform psychedelic spirituality, and vice versa? What is the role of psychedelics in healing, from ancestral trauma to the traumas we’re experiencing in this very week? And how might we anticipate and navigate the shadow sides of this work?

Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson is the author of several books on Jewish spirituality and mysticism. He has been writing about Judaism and psychedelics since 2007, and has recently been part of programs on the subject at Harvard Divinity School and the Parliament of World Religions.

He’ll be joined in conversation by Chochmat’s Spiritual Leader, fellow polymath Zvika Krieger.

This event is co-sponsored by Shefa: Jewish Psychedelic Support. Rabbi Zac Kamenetz, Shefa’s founder and CEO will be introducing the program and guest, Rabbi Jay Michaelson.

Tickets are $18 for Chochmat members and $25 for non-members. No one turned away for lack of funds – email shalom@chochmat.org if price is a barrier.

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Can’t make the live session? All registrants will receive access to the exclusive recording.

Shefa is a fiscally-sponsored religious organization dedicated to providing different avenues of psychedelic support to Jews and their communities. Founded in 2020, Shefa—”flowing abundance” in Hebrew— cultivates greater awareness in the Jewish community about the potentials risks and rewards of psychedelic use in various settings, advocates for a more culturally competent, religiously-inclusive approach to Jewish experience in the psychedelic world, and supports ethically and authentically integrating Jewish spiritual traditions and psychedelic exploration.


In short, Shefa creates powerful pathways to the heart of Jewish wisdom, practice, and community inspired by the contemporary psychedelic renaissance. Learn more about Shefa on their website shefaflow.org, or on Instagram at @shefaflow.

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Oct 19 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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