Jewish Ancestral Healing & Gifting and Havdalah

Saturday, June 1st, 7pm 

Jewish Ancestral Healing & Gifting Workshop and Havdalah with: Kohenet Elana Brody, Rising Rabbi Rebecca Schisler, and Kohenet Amanda Nube

Join us on the last Shabbat of Iyar for an evening of healing ritual and movement to honor the gifts given to us by our ancestors, and the burdens that we are ready to release back to the earth.


7pm Ancestral unburdening ritual led by Kohenot Elana Brody & Amanda Nube

8pm Ancestral gifting ritual and 5 rhythms dance led by Rising Rabbi Rebecca Schisler

9-930pm Havdalah & Closing

Cost: $18-$54 sliding scale

Inspired by the work of:  Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, Daniel Foor, Rabbi Jill Hammer, Gabrielle Roth, Rabbi James Jacobson-Maisels, Dr Richard Schwartz, Dr Peter Levine

This workshop is for you if: 

  • You love to pray and sing in a divine feminine and embodied way
  • You’re ready for communal witness and integration of your ancestral gifts
  • You are ready to release your ancestral burdens and uplift a new narrative for your life 
  • You believe the best work you can do, as a Jew at this time of history, is heal your ancestral story and anchor instead in safety, community, solidarity, ease, and trust.
  • You believe that you don’t have to do your unburdening work alone.
  • You love to move and dance to experience transformation and healing. 
  • You want to mark Havdalah with life-loving, earth-celebrating Priestesx energy. 


Jun 01 2024


7:00 pm
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