Doinas for Dummies and Dancing Dogs

with Josh Horowitz
Sunday, June 6  | 11am – 12:45pm
In collaboration with KlezCalifornia
By donation – RSVP to get the Zoom link

Josh Horowitz will methodically teach teeny-tiny formulas that make up the “Yiddish Doina” beginning with the forshpil (prelude), openings, orbital phrases (Josh’s made-up term), transitional phrases, cadences and even modulations. He’ll guide the perplexed through the forest of confusion that often surrounds this beguiling genre and show that there’s more to life than feeling inadequate about not being able to improvise well, then avoiding the whole thing by binge-watching tv and eating chocolate instead, which Josh does a lot of. 

Join us in the new world of Zoom music teaching, where no one can hear your mistakes, and if you get bored you can read emails and pretend like you’re listening with your attentive Zoom face. Doinas are fun and easy to play. Trust Josh, who has spent years struggling with them. 

This is a practical workshop for intermediate and advanced people with any instrument that is capable of playing melodies.

Josh Horowitz is the founder and director of the ensemble Budowitz, and a founding member of Veretski Pass. He has performed and recorded with The Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Theodore Bikel, Ben Goldberg, Joel Rubin, Brave Old World and the late Adrienne Cooper. He was a featured accompanist for Itzhak Perlman on PBS’s 40th Year Celebration of the Great Performance TV series and his own recordings have achieved international recognition.


Jun 06 2021


11:00 am
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