Dobridens at the Dawn of Klezmer

A Workshop with Mike Perlmutter
Sunday, May 16  |  11am – 12:45pm
In collaboration with KlezCalifornia
By donation – RSVP to get the Zoom link

The term “dobriden” comes from the Slavic for “good day. These slow and stately klezmer melodies were used to greet guests and to set the mood for various wedding traditions that have since fallen out of use. The disappearance of these wedding traditions has correlated with the rarity of the music, which has been less recorded than other klezmer genres, and tends to appear mostly in older klezmer manuscripts. Though the traditional use of these tunes has faded out, their beauty still beckons. These tunes are easily adaptable for modern day gatherings and processional sacred and celebratory occasions. They also stand alone and complete when played by the solo musician, fitting of these times and foretelling future gatherings and celebrations to come.

We will learn more context for these melodies, read through sheet music of them, check out possible accompaniment, and talk about ideas for using these tunes today, outside of their traditional context. Sheet music will be provided in treble clef C concert and Bb transposition on KlezCalifornia’s Tune Archive. Additional transposition can be provided upon request. We’ll also share some recorded examples of these pieces. Musicians with basic proficiency on their instruments are welcome, as are singers, and those who are interested in listening in and learning about this genre.

Mike Perlmutter has been performing klezmer, Balkan, and ceremonial Jewish music on clarinet and saxophone for over twenty years. He leads Saul Goodman’s Klezmer Band and is a member of Chochmat Halev’s Sacred Music Ensemble. He’s also performed with groups such as Inspector Gadje Balkan Brass Band, Zoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment, and the Kehilla Klezmer Band. He served four years on the Board of Directors for KlezCalifornia. Outside of music he is committed to his family and environmental stewardship.


May 16 2021


11:00 am
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