Demystifying the Alef-Bet: An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew


Four Tuesdays in January
Jan 7
Jan 14
Jan 21
Jan 28

Priority given to people who register before December 24.
Registration closes on December 31.

Have you wanted to learn to read and write the Hebrew of the prayer book and the Torah? Take the first step in being able to chant from the Torah, study some Talmud, or explore your own translation of a chant you love to sing? This is the class for you!

If this is your first time trying to learn to read and write Hebrew or you’re needing a refresher, you’re welcome to join us!

We’ll start with the Alef-Bet and vowels, and then learn to read and write Hebrew script. This class will be followed by monthly classes for learners at all levels to dive deep into a particular prayer, chant, or piece of Talmud to get experience reading, writing, using dictionaries and lexicons, and translating.

Important info!

  • Class size will be limited.
  • You must attend all four sessions of the class — all of our learning will be cumulative
  • You should plan to do about 20 minutes of self-study, 4-5 days/week between classes.

Julie Batz has spent the last 20 years creating supportive, creative, and effective ways to help kids and adults learn to read Hebrew and engage with ancient texts in creative and meaningful ways. She is honored to be a Fellow in SVARA’s Teaching Kollel, and looks forward to building a cohort of teen and adult learners ready with their Alef-Bet and dictionaries to dive into some Talmud together!


Jan 21 2020


Chochmat Halev
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