Bean-to-Gelt: a hands-on exploration of chocolate, Judaism, and the sweetness of Hanukkah

Sunday, December 3rd  2 pm – 5 pm
In person at Chochmat HaLev
2215 Prince St. Berkeley, CA 94705

Bean-to-Gelt: a hands-on exploration of chocolate, Judaism, and the sweetness of Hanukkah

Come experience a unique Hanukkah process and learn about our traditions and the historical links that create them.

This fun, educational and hands-on workshop introduces participants to the delicious magic of chocolate-making and the fascinating story of how Jewish history and chocolate as we know it are inextricably connected. Attendees will participate in all of the steps of the chocolate-making process, and will go home with a satchel of gelt and a deeper understanding of the connection between Jewish diaspora and global foodways.

Gelt chocolate-making will include sorting beans, roasting them, smashing them with rocks, winnowing husk from nibs by making wind, blending nibs with sugar and oil, placing chocolate in molds, and wrapping gelt in foil.

The workshop is 3 hours long, and the maximum number of participants is 30. This program is for ages 5 and up.



Members – $25/person

Non-members – $30/person

Families – $100/family

We’re in search of 2 volunteers to help out with this event in exchange for a free ticket – please contact

Alex Voynow is the world’s only professionally-trained Jewish food educator and chocolate maker. As a former artisan at Dandelion Chocolate and an educator at the Jewish Farm School, Jewish Farmer Network, Eden Village West summer camp, and Wilderness Torah, Alex brings a unique expertise to this sweet and Jewish twist on a familiar treat.



Refund Policy

Tickets are transferrable but non-refundable. 



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Dec 03 2023


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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