Ancient Wisdom

Magidic Musings on What Goes Bump in the Night
with Jhos Singer

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General Public $10

Our ancestors made it through every variety of plague, famine, war, deportation, oppression, and persecution imaginable; how did they do it? What guiding principles and practices sustained them? What can we learn from our forebears as we make our own way through grief, fear, Covid-19, social isolation, political deterioration, technological frustration, physical distancing, and a dearth of toilet paper?

Maggid Jhos will share some long-tested Jewish wisdom in this Zoom learning meet-up. We will discuss a few texts and how they might shed light on our current situation. Between us, we will come away with a few more tools to put in our spiritual survival kit as we go bravely navigate our unknown futures!!


May 07 2020

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