Composing an Ethical Will

ethical willRabbi SaraLeya Schley
Wednesday, August 14, 2013
7:00pm – 9:30pm
Location: Chochmat HaLev
Free for members of Chochmat HaLev
General Public: $10-$36 sliding scale

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How do you want to be remembered? What values do want to pass on to your friends and loved ones and community? What have you learned by your living? What enlivens you?

We will each of us die sometime, although we rarely set aside time to ponder our mortality. This month of Elul is the gateway to the season of Teshuvah – of turning, returning and soul-accounting. The process of clarifying our beliefs and values will guide us in preparation and deepen our practice during the coming High Holy Days.

In this workshop, we will study the Jewish practice of writing an Ethical Will. Questions for meditation and journaling will be offered. This process is one that we might revisit periodically as we mature, change and experience life’s joys and challenges. I will encourage you to continue this practice through the Days of Awe and beyond.

This class will, b’ezrat Hashem – with Divine Aid, be the beginning of a chance to know
yourself better and to share that essential knowledge with a circle of trusted friends-of-the heart.

Be sure to bring your journal.

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