Thank You Contributors

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Dear Chochmat HaLev Community

Thank you to all those who contributed to our beautiful new windows!  The names & dedications will be listed on a beautiful plaque that will be displayed in the Sanctuary.

             Name                                      Dedication

Alissa Blackman
Andrew Utiger
anonymous in honor of all those who give from their hearts
Artyom Ash
Bill Strubbe
Boris Mazniker
Brian and Lisa Schachter-Brooks
Cheslyn Amato In honor of my sons, Raphael Chaim and Elan Malachi
Cynthia McPherson
Daniella Salzman & Fred Werner
Dara Ackerman
David Pepper
Dennis Randall For all those who came before us and for all those who will come after us.
Dolores Leavitt
Donald Morris
Donna Gans
Doug Chermak
Elana Levy Helena Liff Berger Verschollen March 1942
Elizabeth Hurvich
Ellen Spiro & Fran Holland In honor of our son, Arlo Spiro
Emily Hoyer & Bonnie Faigeles In honor of all multifaith/transdenominational families
Eric Strellis
Estelle Frankel Honoring Sheikh Ibrahim Baba, for shining his light and love on our holy community
George Frankel
Gloria Pass
Gregory Tertes
Helen Zung
Helena Foster In honor with many thanks to Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks for his magnificent music and leadership.
Inette Dishler
Isaac Turiel & Ellen Matthews Turiel
J. Ruth Gendler for Irv Gendler in gratitude for your compassion and wisdom
Jane Martin
Janet Falk
Jeffrey Kessler
Jennifer & Andy Kitt for the leaders of Chochmat
Jennifer Overman
Jill Nagle
Joan Bobkoff
Jordan Price
Kamala Asher
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan
Lainey Feingold & Randy Shaw Justice Fund In memory of Norma Feingold
Laura Goldman
Linda Burrell
Lindsay Ralphs
Lori Goldwyn
Meldan Heaslip
Michelle Schneiderman In honor of our two daughters, Ariela and Eva Kotton
Nadine Rosenthal
Nancy Aron
Nancy Werthan
Naomi Fine
Naomi Puro In memory of my sister Carol Puro
Naomi Robinson
Nicky Silver In honor of my parents – Sidney and Bunny Grossman
Rabbi SaraLeya Schley Rabbi SaraLeya Schley – in memory of my parents Dr. Joseph H Schley and Adele Krone Schley
Randy Goldstein Randy Goldstein – in loving memory of my parents, Esther and Albert Goldstein
Ray Maclachlan
Rich Robinson
Rudi Halbright and Janie Riley
Shana Zatinsky beloved grandmother
Shelley Coleman
Shelly & Amo Tarnoff in honor of Irwin Roselyn
Solange Gould Gould-Bayba Family–in gratitude to Chochmat.
Sonia & Robert Kantor
Steve Budd
Sue Magidson with love & gratitude for Chochmat HaLev
Susan Felix in memory of Morton Felix – Rumi poem quote pending
Susan Goldstein
Tara Schraga For Tara & Judah – for opening a window to spirit
Toni Fitzpatrick In memory and in honor of Baruch, Rose, Murray, and Beatrice Shapanka.
Toni Fitzpatrick In deepest gratitude for the blessing of my beloved daughter, Shira.
Tsvi Bar-David
Vincent Worms
William Fulton
Yvonne O’Connor For Marcel Muller of Blessed memory
Zachary Zaidman
Group Dedication
The 2014 Board of Directors tbd
The Chevra Kadisha In honor of those who have died
The Chochmat HaLev LGBTQI Community celebrating our diverse community
The Liberation Journey to India tbd
The Mussar Group tbd
The Wednesday Morning Meditation Group To You Silence is Praise – psalm 65