Monday Night Meditation/ Sitting Group


1st, 3rd, & 4th Mondays
7:30- 9:30 p.m. at Chochmat HaLe

July 28th- Beth Resnick-Folk

August 4th – Join our Tish B’Av Service 8pm

August 11th – Torah of Awakening



Come and discover the freedom and joy which are your essence and birthright through the power of meditation.

Ariel WolpeAriel Root Wolpe is a Jewish musician, artist, and sacred ritual organizer. Originally from Philadelphia, Ariel lives in Oakland where she works as a young adult mentor and music teacher. She performs acoustic music, paints usable art, and runs workshops to enrich her Jewish community with inspiring ideas and spiritual nourishment. She hopes her work will foster a local community that feels a greater purpose in coming together, that supports one another through celebration and tragedy, and that encourages each individual to look within and develop their own potential. Read more on her website:

 Ariel’s chanting description

Ariel’s Meditation, Chanting and Movement circle begins at 7:30 with a 20 minute guided meditation. With quiet(er) minds, we will begin an hour of niggun singing and hebrew chanting. These wordless melodies and repetitive, Kirtan influenced chants bring singers into a reflective state of musical connection. For certain songs, full body movements are incorporated, including circle dancing, guided movements, and personal improvisation. The chants are guided by Sruti box (an indian harmonium) or hand drum. Kavanot, hebrew for intentions, are shared before meditation and chants to focus our minds and hearts. Afterwards, the circle reads a Jewish spiritual reading, followed by a short discussion. Join us as we paint the air with our our bodies, sounds and minds! “

Beth ResnickBeth Resnick-Folk began searching for truth and peace of mind in her early teenage years. She probed the depths of Western philosophy, relationship, art and creativity, and world religion, to finally discover, at age 21, that everything is profoundly okay and that nothing is separate. Since then, she has immersed herself in contemplative practice with the aim of learning to live fully from the truth realized. Over the past 14 years, she has practiced extensively with world-class spiritual teachers, including Rabbi David and Shoshana Cooper, Adyashanti, and various teachers at Insight Meditation Society. In 2005, Beth was asked to teach by her long-time mentor, Shoshana Cooper, and, this past December, Beth co-led a week-long silent retreat with the Coopers and was officially named Shoshana’s teaching successor. Beth works primarily with students 1-on-1 over Skype and has co-lead in-person and virtual programs with her husband, meditation pioneer, Kenneth Folk. Beth offers an integrative contemplative approach, that includes Insight meditation, inquiry, and simple abiding and recognition of what is always the case. She sincerely believes in the radical power of these practices to help people suffer less and come to greater authenticity, wholeness, and love in their lives.