Ceremony and Kiddush

b'nai mitzvah logceremony1The ceremony usually occurs within the context of a shabbat service and is an opportunity for the student to lead some prayers, read or chant from the Torah, deliver a drash (a teaching about a section of the Torah), and read a personal covenant (a statement of commitment for the next phase of their journey).

The ceremony is a time when the student becomes a teacher and shares some unique perspectives based on what has been learned and experienced.  ceremony2It is also a time for the student’s self-expression and creativity to rise to the surface, and the unique way/s each student contributes to the ceremony and personalizes it can take many forms.

Following the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony, there is a community-wide Kiddush lunch to which the entire community is invited, along with the family’s guests.  The family, with support from the chavurah, hosts the Kiddush.  Part of the cost is offset by a pre-paid subsidy included in the program tuition.