Hanukkah fundraising campaign

“Still ours the dance, the feast, the glorious Psalm,
The mystic lights of emblem, and the Word.”
-Emma Lazarus, “The Feast of Lights”

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Dear Chochmat HaLev Community,

This Chanukah season we at Chochmat HaLev rededicate ourselves to enriching the spiritual life of our beloved community and the greater world.

The coming year will be one of tremendous growth.  On Friday, December 5th, we invite you to a joyous musical celebratory Shabbat, with Reb Brian Yosef, the band, and, most excitingly, our new dynamic congregational leaders, Maggid Jhos Singer and Schlichat Tzibur Julie Batz! 

Building on our transformative High Holiday services, Jhos and Julie will lead an ever more vital and inspiring community that meets the spiritual needs of all our members.  We will deepen our practice of Tikkun Middot, in which we reevaluate and strengthen core virtues, moving towards a more integrated and meaningful life.  We will expand our services, activities, classes, and meditation programs.

Bringing on new leaders while sustaining our existing leaders and programs requires more money.  Last year, we had a successful drive to pay for our new windows, thanks to all of you (stay tuned for the installation of the beautiful dedications plaque). But this year, member dues pledges so far and High Holy Day ticket sales will cover only two-thirds of our annual budget. We must raise an additional $160,000 before June, and our goal for this Hanukah campaign is $80,000. We can meet this goal if you do three things

  1. make a meaningful end-of-year donation,
  2. increase your monthly dues (if you aren’t yet a member, join!) and
  3. recruit your friends to become members of Chochmat HaLev.

Please take a moment to think about the many ways in which Chochmat HaLev has enriched your life.  Then share your gratitude by making a financial contribution. Give from your heart.  Help our community continue on its unique path of bringing an enhanced spiritual awareness to all our members, the Jewish people, and the world.
We look forward to seeing you on December 5.

Blessings, Helen Zung, Fundraising Committee

P.S.     Show that you want Jhos, Julie, Brian, and all our leaders to succeed, by sending your contribution today!