Current Art Exhibit

Morning Glories web trim strethced

Morning Glory

Spring web trim stretched

Spring Web

The artist is Bon Singer.


 My interest in the arts began with dance and music.  I noticed a correlation between the two.  Flow was an important part of both. And when the flow is just right, it gives the body and mind a great sense of peace.  As I began to develop my visual art, a subconscious aesthetic guided my hand to create a visual flow that brings that same harmony.  Color has an effect on the state of mind too.   In my art, I can’t see putting magenta and olive green together.  Those colors do not resonate in a comforting way to me.  But a confluence of bright or soft compatible colors can give that sense of comfort and contentment.

 When I first started doing art assemblage, I had no real plan when I sat down to do it.  I am a devoutly right brain person who feels compelled to create.  It was and is such a joy to have no rules on what materials and media to use.  I enjoy always having my eyes peeled for good color combos and materials in my environment.  Beads and wire intrigue me.  Tempered glass to color!  Wow!  There seems to be no end to beautiful usable buried art in our surroundings.

 We present rotating exhibits of local artists in our Social Hall.