Annual Hanukkah Rededication Campaign

We hope that Chochmat HaLev has touched your heart and your spirit, and that you will make a generous donation to our beloved community.

Why an Annual Campaign?  Because every year we must raise money to support all the services, programs, holiday events, and other activities that Chochmat offers.  Membership dues cover only 56% of our budget.  This fiscal year, the goal to meet our budget is $88,000.

Rededicationis the meaning of the word Hanukkah, which represents the infinite potential of light within the darkness.  As we approach the winter solstice, the darkest time of the year, it is a time to rededicate ourselves to the potential within each of us and to the potential of our community, where our lights help guide each other. Kindle all the lights – both personal and communal – by contributing to Chochmat today.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to keeping the Chochmat lights burning bright.  Together we will ensure that Chochmat continues to hold a special place in our community and in the world as a beacon for Jewish spiritual renewal.

Thanks to these generous donors, we have raised $65,500!  (as of Dec. 31)

Abro Sutker

Adam Gutride and Delilah Raybee

Alix Wall

Andrew Utiger


Bonnie Faigeles & Emily Hoyer

Burton Goldfine & Deborah Birnbaum

Carol and Randolph Selig

Carolyn Cavalier Rosenberg

Dale Allen Boland

Deborah Fink

Deborah Raucher

Dennis Randall

Dolores Leavitt

Elana Levy

Elizheva Hurvich

Eric Strellis

Estelle Frankel

Faye Straus

Fred Werner and Daniella Salzman

Gloria Pass

Helena Foster

Helen Zung

Hilary Kushins

Innette Dishler

Isaac Turiel

Jacquelyn Kingsley

James Morris

Janet Falk

Janet Gendler

Janet Weil

Jeffrey Fry

Jeffrey Kessler

Jessica Moll

John Gilman

Jonathan Rosenfield

Jordan & Lynn Price

Kevin Morgan

Kitty Kameon

Laura Goldman & Dennak Murphy

Laurel Kohn

Laurie Fong

Lainey Feingold

Lee Safran

Leonard Lesser

Leticia Soto

Lily Wolff

Lindsay Ralphs

Lisa & Brian Schacter-Brooks

Lisa Steindel-Byrne

Lisbeth Milligan

Lori Goldwyn

Mark Rubin

Matt Stone

Maurice Abrams

Miles Reed

Mindy Bosker

Miriam Zamora

Nadine Rosenthal and Shelley Coleman

Nan Gefen

Nancy Aron

Nancy Newman

Naomi Puro

Neal Shorstein

Neil Goldberg & Hagit Cohen

Nicole Naffaa

Norman Hersch

Rachel MacLachlan

Rachel Michaelsen

Rachel Rosenberg

Rachel Walker

Rose Marie Sarfaty

Rudy Halbright & Janie Riley

Samantha Piell

Shana & Jacob Zatkinsky

Shelley Tarnoff

Sherry Karver & Jerry Ratch

Shira Freehling

Solange Gould

Steve Budd

Susan Berger

Susan Felix

Susan Magidson

Susan Rubin

Ted Rosenfield

The Attic

Theresa Cooper

Thomas Kahan

Toni Fitzpatrick

William Fulton

Zheindl Lehner

Zvi Bellin