Program Details

Thursday Zoom Classes

Snuggle with Torah

K-2nd, Thursdays 4 – 4:30pm

Curl up and listen to Torah stories from Genesis and Exodus, and create your own drawing that expresses what you hear.  These drawings will become our visual expression of Torah for the year.

Tsofeem (Preparing the Way)

3rd - 4th, Thursdays 4 – 4:45pm
5th – 7th, Thursdays 4 – 5pm

Explore the Top Ten Mitzvot for These Times, Hebrew language learning, art, prayer, Torah, rabbinic text with questions, and hevruta (study buddy) activities to encourage each student to find rich and relevant meanings within our tradition. With Rabbi Lynn and special guests. Supplemental learning and activity packets provide for at-home learning and celebrations.

Top Ten Mitzvot (good deeds)
  1. Acquire a Friend – finding a study buddy (hevruta)
  2. Blow the Shofar – sending a shout out to the new year
  3. Hiddur Mitzvah – bringing mindfulness, beauty, and joy to normal activity
  4. Honor Elders – learning their stories and recipes
  5. Give Tzedakah (Mutual Aid) – caring for each other and our neighbors
  6. Keep Shabbat – slowing down
  7. Dance before the Lord – throwing down for joy
  8. Visit the Sick – practicing healing and care
  9. Bal Tashkhit in 5781 – Protecting the Earth
  10. To be selected by our students

Other Zoom Classes

B’mitzvah Tutoring

Begins 1½ years before b’mitzvah

One-on-one with Rabbi Lynn.

Mentorship Training

ages 12-15

Become part of the youth leadership circle at Chochmat HaLev through mentorship training. Share your Jewish prayer, storytelling, and teaching skills with younger children. Meet monthly with Ava Monheit and Rabbi Lynn for half-hour preparation sessions.


All ages

Designed to support engagement with the Monthly Mitzvot, students can team up with one or more friends to form a hevruta.  The hevruta can deliver food to an elder, read a book to someone in your neighborhood, complete a Jewish scavenger hunt, and many other activities.

Parent Learning

Join a monthly gathering to study Jewish text and reflect on the mitzvah of the month and its application in family life.

Jewish Holy Days

Tot Shabbat

1st Fridays with Jen Miriam

Puppetry is a powerful tool for entertaining and educating and puppets take children and adults into a magical realm of wonder and joy. Join Jen Miriam Altman, Alon Altman, Raizel the Camel and Raizel’s puppet friends for a half-hour Shabbat service geared towards tots. The service includes candle-lighting; singalongs with guitar, drums, and other instruments; puppets; dancing with scarves; and ends with kiddush and ha’motzi. This is a great way to introduce young children to Shabbat!

Youth & Family Shabbat Service

2nd Saturdays, 10:30 – 11 AM

Bring a musical instrument, juice, and challah, and celebrate Shabbat with storytelling, singing and prayers led by our youth mentors and Rabbi Lynn. Stay connected with community and celebrate our tradition together.

Holy Day Celebrations

Connect with Holy Days and build Jewish identity.  Celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Hanukah, Tu B’Shevat, Purim, Pesach, and Shavuot. Our program provides resources for Holy Day observance at home, as well as virtual celebrations.

Invite Your Extended Family
(The Gantze Mishpukha)

Bring Uncle Mort or Abuelita Sarah to Shabbat and other Holy Day Celebrations.  Our technology allows us to connect without the hassle of commuting and despite different time zones. Donation requested

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