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Youth & Family Program

How do we support our children and families to meet the moment? At Chochmat HaLev, we do it playfully, creatively, and mindfully. We draw on rich wells of Jewish wisdom using text study, storytelling, prayer, and values. Traditional teachings are opportunities for relevant questions and answers to emerge. Full engagement means involving each person’s mind, heart, and physical self-awareness, and there is no better doorway to that kind of engagement than having fun.

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb has designed a program that connects our families virtually, including extended family members, to participate as our youth develop their own distinct Jewish identities. Within the framework of building a better world, our youth and families will explore what Rabbi Lynn calls the Top Ten Mitzvot for These Times. Each mitzvah furthers the student’s Hebrew language capacities, as well as an understanding of and connection to essential Jewish prayers, texts, and stories. Each mitzvah is a portal to developing deeper insight as to how we can be better human beings and create the community in which we want to live. Cultivating community begins in hevruta. Hevruta is the Aramaic word for a small group of fellow learners – a Jewish breakout group. Our program supports every student to find study buddies and play partners in our earth- and peace-based expression of Jewish life.

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