How Does Urban Shtetl Strengthen What is Sacred to Me and My Family?

Urban Shtetl is an inclusive, loving community that offers creative, inter-generational, earth-centered, culturally rich Jewish education for children and their Jewish, multi-faith and multi-heritage families. We honor Sephardi, Mizrahi, Ashkenazi, Asian, and African-American Jewish cultural and spiritual traditions. We embrace queer, theologically questioning, bold and engaging approaches to Jewish learning.

It is a village, not a bubble! We surround our families with all that Judaism has to offer from its many traditions, to empower and otherwise support everyone to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and create meaningful Jewish lives.

It is a dynamic, energetic environment where we all learn from each other! We actively engage children through their own participation in Jewish storytelling, ceremonies, visual art, dance, music and textual study. Our approach fosters well-rounded and relevant Jewish literacy while building skills that allow active participation in Jewish life.