Urban Shtetl Leadership

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Director of Youth and Family Services

Lynn Gottlieb, one of the first women to become a rabbi in Jewish history, is a “visionary” Jewish educator, feminist, community organizer, peace activist, writer, klezmer dancer, percussionist, visual and ceremonial artist and master storyteller. Over the past 45 years, Lynn has created Jewish and multifaith programming for dozens of organizations including educational programs at Temple Beth Or of the Deaf (NY), Congregation Nahalat Shalom, NM (which she co-founded in 1981- 2006), Fellowship of Reconciliation, Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center (NY), and Interfaith Inventions wilderness peace camps which she directed from 2005 – 2010 (CA). Lynn is well-versed in Ashkenazi, Sefardic and Mizrahi history and traditions and intergenerational, multi-heritage and multi-racial relationship building.  Since she moved to California in 2012, Lynn has offered programs at Urban Adamah, Wilderness Torah, Midrasha, Moshe House, Shomeret Shalom Global Congregation, the Center for Jewish Studies and Kohenet. She serves on the board of Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity in California. Lynn is excited to serve as director of youth and family programming at Chochmat HaLev’s Urban Shtetl.

Rabbi Lynn in family room
Daniella Aboody

My name is Daniella Aboody and I can’t wait to meet you! I originally hail from Los Angeles, and I’ve been joyously weaving in the Bay Area Jewish community for the last nine years. I have worked as a Jewish educator at Wilderness Torah, Urban Adamah and the Kitchen. I currently co-lead Wilderness Torah’s B’hootz program, and I am a birth and postpartum Doula. I bring a deep love of community building, nature-connection, Jewish spirituality and multiculturalism, and I am passionate about connecting others to their own sense of creativity, embodiment, exploration, and wonder. I am excited to work with the Chochmat Halev community this year!

Eva Orbuch

My name is Eva Orbuch and I’m excited to meet you. I am a Bay Area native and am actively involved in the Jewish community here. I have worked as a middle school teacher, and am currently a community organizer working with parents and families. I have been a counselor at Camp Tawonga, and I have taught drumming at Eden Village West camp and a variety of other places to both children and adults. I love Jewish learning and culture, and am excited to work with the Chochmat Halev community this year!