Turn our mourning into dancing

Turn our mourning into dancing

Shalom Friends—

Many of you have expressed some version of anguish in regard to the current US political situation. The Torah teaches us that “hafachta misp’di l’machol li” our spiritual energy will turn our mourning into dancing—psalm 30:12. Spiritual practice has many forms, contemplative, ecstatic, traditional ritual, innovative prayer and engagement in the world.

Oliver Goldsmith, the 18th C. Irish writer said, “You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.” Here are three suggestions for you to consider as part of your commitment to spiritual health, the rejection of despair and powerlessness, and preaching with your wholly holy self!

  1. Oseh Shalom! Be creative! Check out the approach of Karim Sulayman, a classical Tenor, who turned “V’ahavta l’reyacha k’mocha/Love you neighbor as yourself” to new and powerful heights in his street art piece “I Trust You”: https://vimeo.com/193125533?ref=em-v-share
  2. Shema!! Be heard! Our board president, Neil Goldberg, and I participated in a meeting organized by Bend The Arc with Dianne Feinstein’s office this week. One of the things we learned was that your calls, emails, and letters REALLY MATTER to your elected official. It only takes a few minutes to call or fire off an email, so write rather than whine, call rather than cry and send rather than sob. Remember your senators, congresspersons, city officials, governor, and all political representatives work for YOU!
  3. Hineini!! Be seen!! Hit the streets—January is going to be a busy month for street activism. So, if that modality appeals to you, go for it! Showing up physically is an important way to send a message, meet like-minded folks, get out in the fresh air, and make good use of our American right to assemble.

Happy, and I mean happy new year, again…



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