Thank You for your Generosity to the Hannuka Drive

This Hannuka at Chochmat HaLev we come together to light the Menorah and rededicate ourselves to our faith in miracles, our loving community, and our deeply-held spiritual values.

Thank you for valuing the Hannuka blessings, and for amplifing the joy and love by making your generous donations.

The Ashrei prayer says:  “Fortunate are those who dwell in Your house.”  May we also say:  “Fortunate are those who gather in community at Chochmat HaLev.”

Please join us in this holy endeavor by continuating to donate with an open heart to Chochmat HaLev.

Here are the donors:

as of 1/9/2019

Adam Gutride and Delilah Raybee

Alice-Jane Pell

Amy Gorman

Andrew Utiger


Aviva Grossberg and Karim Mohsen

Barbara Zoloth and Sharon Washington

Burton Goldfine and Deborah Birnbaum

Carole Joffee

Charles Lerrigo

Cheselyn Amato

Cynthia McPherson

David Pepper

Deborah Raucher

Denise Beirnes

Diane Byster

Don White

Donna Gans

Elisabeth Youngerman

Elizabeth Rutzick

Eric and Susanna Henley

Eric Strellis

Evan Smith

Faye Strauss

Gail Bromberg

Gregory and Rachel Tertes

Hal and Diana Feiger

Inette Dishler and Ida Kuluk

Inga Bruk

Isaac Turiel and Ellen Matthews

James and Louise Vesper

James Henry

James Morris

Jane Martin

Jane Simon

Jeffrey Kessler

Jennifer Spitzer

Judith Roitman

Judy Birnbaum

Julie Batz and Jhos Singer

Julie Greenfield

Kamala Asher

Katherine Wolff

Kenny and Jacqueline Shea-Dinkin

Kevin Morgan and Yefim Maizel

Kim Duir and Alice Prussin

Lainey Feingold and Randy Shaw

Lauren Meyer

Laurie Fong

Leah Shelledah

Lee Safran and Nicholas Wellington

Lily and Shai Wolff

Linda Davis

Lindsay Ralphs and Shelley Glazer

Lisa Strongin

Lisa Tabak

Lorelei Sontag

Lynn Gottlieb

Lynne Clenfield

Marla Kolman Antebi and Eric Antebi

Matt and Judy Goodman

Michael Friedman

Mike Perlmutter

Miles Reed

Miriam Smolover

Nadine Rosenthal and Shelley Coleman

Nancy Aron

Naomi Puro

Nataniel Johnson-Gottleib

Neal Shorestein

Nesta Rovina

Peggy Berger and Eric Stern

Pete Neuwirth and Tali Barr

Philip Paris

Rabbi SaraLeya Schley

Rachel Michaelsen and Steve Freedkin

Rachel Resnikoff

Randolph and Carol Selig

Rani Cochran

Rebecca Kutlin

Rio Spooner

Robert and Heidi Smith

Ron Feldman

Sabine Henrie

Sarah Stone and Ron Nyren

Sherri Kronfeld

Steve and Maya Cohn

Steve Budd

Sue Magidson

Susan and Charles Halpern

Susan Goldstein and Stephen Weitz

Susan Weiner

Tom Levy

Yosi Amram

Zvi Bellin

and welcome our NEW MEMBERS

Sandra Butler
Lisa Strongin & Maxine Epperson
Yara Herman & Anne Marks
Diana Neshamah Faraone

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