Spiritual Care

When we, or a loved one, is dying, the support of community is essential. Creating a supportive presence for each other is one important reason why belonging to a spiritual community is such a gift and honor.

At Chochmat HaLev our members are supported by our Spiritual Care Team and by our Chevra Kadisha.

The mission of our Chevra Kadisha is to support bereaved community members in partnership with the spiritual team, including tahara (ritual purification of the deceased) after one has died.

For our members in the process of dying: Hopefully we already know that you are seriously ill and in need of our support. If not, and death is a possibilty, please let us know. We can visit you and offer the prayers (viduii) that are traditionally said prior to dying. We can help you make decisions and arrangements about tahara, funeral and burial. If you have a Bay Area family member who is dying and who is not a member of Chochmat HaLev, we encourage them to join and to be part of our community and receive the blessing of its support.

For our members with a family member who is dying or has died: Please keep us informed (see below) of your situation as it unfolds. Once you have made contact with one of our spiritual leaders, we will be able to help you arrange for shiva or memorial gatherings and together to assess what support you will need during these difficult days.

If you are a member of Chochmat HaLev, or would have joined already if you knew you needed us, please call the office for instructions. You can send an email to Frontdesk@chochmat.org