We reached our fundraising goal and raised $15,000 to support our Shabbat services and Youth Program. Thank you to all who contributed.


Oy, what a year!

And through it all, we showed resilience. We danced, davened, and sang together on Zoom. And while we recreated our shul for the virtual reality, our beloved community grew. People came from San Carlos, Fairfield, and San Jose. They came from Willits, Portland, and Reno. They came from New York, Scotland, Canada, and Israel.  The sadness that we could not be together in the same room was now paired with the joy that spiritual seekers from around the world could join us.

We adapted

We responded to the challenge of physical distancing by re-imagining everything. Via Zoom, meditation keeps us grounded and connected without leaving home. We created a virtual seder tables for our community, so no one had to be alone at Pesach. We continued to study Torah and marvel at its relevance in these crazy times.  Over 1000 people came to our High Holy Day Services. Our Friday night services have doubled in size. 30 new households became members since July. Our creativity and deep connection assure that Chochmat remains a relevant and vibrant part of Jewish life.

We continue the investment in our infrastructure

Just as an expansive mind needs a strong body, so our physical and cyber infrastructure needs to remain strong to support our spiritual community. Thanks to you, our amazing Omer Campaign donors, we are repairing and removing potential hazards. We are renovating our facility and renting out space, until the day we’re able to gather again in person. We launched a new website and are revamping our database to make everything easier to access and to expand our connectivity with our growing community.

And yes, there is more to do, so it is time to Light ‘Em up for Chochmat!

Modern Talmudists teach that a Chanukah miracle depends on 3 things: light, gelt, and latkes. With your generous donations, Chochmat HaLev will continue to beam out the liberating light of Torah. 8 crazy nights, 8 shining letters.  For every $1,800 donated, one of the 8 letters in CHOCHMAT will be lit blue.  Watch as each letter turns bright with blue light. It means we are receiving the gelt needed to sustain our community through the coming year.  For a donation of $360 or more, you become a Shabbat Sponsor:  Dedicate one of our services to the person or cause of your choice.

Everything we can and will accomplish together depends upon the generosity of our donors. It is a simple equation:  Vision + $$ = More Opportunities to Shine!

We only have until December 31st to reach our goal of $15,000 and make Chochmat shine blue
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