High Holy Days Tickets

General Public Tickets
  • Tickets are available to the general public, and we welcome your attendance. Tickets for members are free. Become a member!
  • Purchase a ticket to a single service or get a discounted package for each holiday. We encourage you to purchase in advance. Tickets at the door will have higher prices.
  • Children under age 13 – free with an adult ticket.
  • Pay what you can tickets are available starting at $18, for low-income or fixed-income individuals. (Scroll to the bottom of the ticket options.)
Member Tickets

Members come to High Holy Days services for free.  If you are current with your dues, you do not need to register for tickets.

  • 1-adult household – 1 free adult ticket to all High Holy Day services.*
  • 2-adult household – 2 free adult tickets for the members.*
  • Member children under 21 – Free.
  • Members will get a 30% discount code to purchase an unlimited number of tickets for out-of- town guests or adult children, and to share with friends.
  • Free member tickets are non-transferable and cannot be given to non-members.