Passover Fund Drive

“The Exodus from Egypt occurs in every human being, in every era, in every year, and in every day.”

Rabbi Nachman of Breslav


Dear Members and Friends of Chochmat HaLev,

Thirty-five hundred years ago our ancestors crossed the Sea of Reeds and set out on a perilous journey into the unknown, a journey from physical bondage to spiritual freedom, and from despair to renewal.

This Passover season we ask you to donate in the spirit of renewal to Chochmat HaLev. Together, we join our ancestors in making a journey to spiritual freedom, honoring their suffering, and helping to fulfill our shared destiny. The Passover Campaign is the most important fundraising event this year. Our goal is to raise $90,000 to cover the costs of all our programs.

Thank You to everyone who has already donated.

This year Chochmat HaLev began several dynamic new programs which respond to needs long expressed by the community. These new initiatives reflect the vision of our Congregational Leaders Jhos Singer & Julie Batz for a more connected and supportive conscious community dedicated to the manifestation of spirituality and tikkun olam.

New Inspiring Music & Services : A New Celebratory Ecstatic Friday night service with incredibly talented musicians will get your body moving and your soul dancing into shabbat. Experience it on May 19. Also check out the new chanting service with Lior Tsarfaty.

The New Urban Shtetl Family Education Program: Led by our new Family Program Director Gavriel Strauss, Chochmat HaLev is strengthening our focus on the needs of parents and children in our community with this innovative family program to create a village in the city with chavurot, exciting family learning days, parent groups and dynamic shabbat programs.

The Israel/Palestine Project: This project approaches the topic of Israel/Palestine from a Chochmat HaLev perspective, seeking wisdom with an open heart. Currently, Rabbi SaraLeya is leading a class exploring differing perspectives on the Israel/Palestine conflict within the context of Jewish values. The project is also showing films related to the topic on the first Tuesday of the month.

Action Minyan: Responding to a broad desire to engage more directly in the work of Tikkun Olam and social justice, the ActionMinyanim are developing strategies to help immigrants and refugees, promote protection of the environment and educate voters.

Open Faith Salon: Answering a desire for more interfaith understanding, the Open Faith Salon, led by Estelle Frankel, brings together leaders from different faiths to discuss their perspectives on relevant spiritual topics such as forgiveness and embracing uncertainty.

Inspirational Teaching: We continue to offer learning opportunities with amazing teachers like world renowned Torah Scholar Avivah Zornberg and master meditation teacher and Jewish poet Norman Fischer.

Collaboration with other organizations: From Simchat Torah with all the East Bay Renewal congregations, to the fantastic Purim we created with Urban Adamah, we continue to find ways to connect with other Jewish organizations.

These programs reach outward to share our wisdom and knowledge with the greater community; reach inward to elevate the spiritual awareness of every individual within the community; and integrate our families more fully into the community, strengthening intergenerational bonds and enfolding everyone into a heart-centered spiritual family sharing common Jewish values and ideals.

Chochmat HaLev dues cover less than 50% of our operating costs. We depend on you to give generously to maintain our spiritual home; honor salary commitments to staff and congregational leaders; expand classes and programs; develop new music; new programs and exciting opportunities for learning,connection and meaningful services and events.

Thank You to everyone who has already donated.

As we gather at the seder table this Passover, to symbolically relive this pivotal moment in Jewish history, we are reminded that the Exodus from Egypt is an eternally-recurring spiritual journey that we at Chochmat HaLev are called upon to travel together. Please donate with an open heart and join our community on this transformative journey






Helen Zung, for the Fundraising Committee