Passover Fund Drive Thank You

Passover Graphic seder plate

Thank you to all the generous donors who contributed to our Passover Appeal.

As we gathered at the seder table this Passover, to symbolically relive this pivotal moment in Jewish history, we were reminded that the Exodus from Egypt is an eternally-recurring spiritual journey that we at Chochmat HaLev are called upon to travel together. Thank you for all your donations with an open heart and for joining our community on this transformative journey.

Passover Fund Raising Appeal.

Abro and Aliza Sutker
Adele Liechty
Ama Greenrose-Manasse
Amos Lans
Amy Gorman
Andrew Utiger
Ara Jo Rising
Arik Labowitz
Barbara Schramm and Steven Weinstein
Betsy Bigelow Teller
Brett Singer
Carole Joffe
Claudia Delman
Danny Carnahan Lewis and Saundra Lewis
David Hoffman
David Tuft
Debbie and Barry Barkan
Don White
Elana Levy
Elizabeth Rutzick
Eva Konigsberg and Glenn Shields
Hagit Cohen-Goldberg and Neil Goldberg
Helen Zung
Isaac Turiel and Ellen Matthews
Jane Martin
Jane Wattenberg
Janet Falk
Jeff Fry
Jeffrey Kessler
Joel Ben Izzy and Taly Rutenberg
Joel Dolowich
Jordan and Lynn Price
Karin Fisher-Golton
Laura Goldman
Lee Safran and Nicholas Wellington
Lily and Shai Wolff
Linda Davis
Lori Goldwyn
Louise Palmer
Mimi Farb
Miryam Berger & Eric Stern
Nadine Rosenthal and Shelley Coleman
Nan Gefen
Nancy Aron
Nancy Newman
Philip and Sally Paris
Rabbi SaraLeya Schley
Rachel Resnikoff
Rani Cochran
Rich Robinson
Rita Shane
Sabine Henrie
Sarah Stone and Ron Nyren
Shana Zatinsky
Shelley Glazer and Lindsay Ralphs
Shelley Tarnoff
Simone Adler
Stephen Weitz and Susan Goldstein
Sue Magidson
Sue Reinhold and Deborah Newbrun
Susan and Charles Halpern
Susan Strasburger
Yosi Amram